We love Moving Image

Years of experience

Explorers. Creators. Doers.

And above all: people. Because really good videos need a human touch. And to do that you need not only one pair of hands, but a team. With us you’ll meet analytical thinkers, creatives, night owls and early risers, the typical coffee junkie and the obligatory entertainer. In the end, we love every single one of our team and most of all it’s the final result that matters to us. When we are inspired, we have fun at work- which doesn’t feel like work at!

What‘s important to us

To us as a video production company, movement means more than just progress. We inspire our clients to break new ground together. And we create images to tell exciting stories. But above all, we care about one thing: reaching people. What drives us is not mere expertise, but passion. And because of that we focus on authentic, editorial content and doing things differently.

Our guiding principles

  • We love our customers.
  • We stick together.
  • The customer’s goal is our goal.
  • A successful video is more than a moving picture.
  • Our work makes us happy.

One man. One dream.

Our roots are in film and television. In 2006, TV presenter Klaus Gronewald founded KG Media Factory, laying the foundation for our success as a leading German company for exceptional videos and video content marketing.

100 employees in 8 locations

Our 100 employees in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Essen, Zurich and Linz develop creative and individual solutions for your film – from the idea to the successful launch. We are regionally on-site for you and design your video or video campaign through direct and open communication. This allows us to give you the best possible advice and produce the perfect video for you.

Career options with KG Media Our locations

Your story. Your video.

We want to create films that convince and inspire. Learn more about our values, principles and how we create your film project step by step.

Our team

The talent behind KG Media Factory

We believe in specialists and we believe in a strong, innovative team. And we also know that perfect teamwork is what counts.

Klaus Gronewald
CEO / Owner, Geschäftsführer
Peter Roos
COO / CFO, Geschäftsführer
Daniel Wilms
Phil Heimlich
Jonas Friedrich
Teresa Daum
Head of Corporate Content
Enrico Wolski
Management Partner / Creative Director
Stefanie Kottbauer
Leiterin Finanzbuchhaltung
Flemming Lessner
Director Sports Content
Herbert Rödig
Leiter Postproduktion & IT Services
Ulrik Neumann
Head of Business Development
Marco Gilly
Head of Marketing
Victoria Wolfersberger
Standortleiterin Linz
Florian Hümmer
Client Service Director TV Productions
Daniel Neubauer
Head of Customer Relation
Thorsten Deppe
Redaktionsleiter Sport
Harald Schult
Sascha Strunck
Redakteur Sport / Senior Producer
Martin Dale
Executive Producer / Senior Projektleiter
Aleksandra Scharfe
Producerin / Redakteurin
Arnold Stieg
Art Director
Maximilian Radulovic
Creative Director
Igor Vidic
Gisella Mantrino
Customer Relations Manager
Kritsani Phromkla
Management Assistant
Karin M. Ritz
Assistentin der Geschäftsführung
Kevin Jung
Manuel Marx
Producer / Kundenberater
Lena Gensitz
Social Media & Online Marketing Managerin
Corinna Ritter
Production Managerin
Polina Nechaeva
David Thiemann
Postproduktion / Kamera
Thomas Ullrich
Klara Schinnerl
Susanne Hampel
Oliver Wieländner
Postproduktion / Kamera
Franziska Heller
Rosa Natter
Kamila Bucko
Senior Redakteurin & Producerin
Corinna Hübsch
Nikkash Sutharsan
Kamera & Postproduktion
Marco Speer
Redaktion Sport & Corporate
Michel Marcolesco
Sabrina Ennich
Redakteurin / Producerin
Onur Özdamar
Senior Producer
Sinem Dogan
Redakteurin TV-Magazin
Vivien Lipp
Social Media & Online Marketing Managerin
Oliver Schwesinger
Kundenberater - Vertrieb
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  • Verkaufsfilm Beratung (Teresa)
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  • Videostrategie (Leistungen)
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  • Produktion (Leistungen)
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  • Marketing (Leistungen)
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  • KG Media Factory – Unser Team
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  • KG Media Factory – CEO Statement
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  • KG Media Factory Imagefilm 2018
  • Produkt:Imagefilme
  • Länge:01:31 Min.
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